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Web Design Samples


Value Certified Equipment site re-do

Midwest Optical Systems is my new home. This site is a mere 125 pages (and counting) that provides information for machine vision businesses to determine the best type of optical filtering that will allow their inspection systems to work better.


Foundation for Free Flight web site

The Foundation for Free Flight helps clubs purchase and maintain flying sites across the US.


North Products - Artchitectural Products Representative

North Products is an architectural representative firm serving the greater Chicago area. Site is a mini-portfolio of completed projects with title bars colored to coordinate with the main photos.


Gia Michaels website

Gia Michaels' desire was for a "clean, white (and low cost) site" to show off their chocolate covered pretzels. Primarily audience is food distributors. Flash panel on the opening page. (the site has since been completely changed)


Value Certified Equipment site re-do

Value Certified Equipmentneeded a complete re-do from the previous templated site. This opening page echoes a full-page ad running in Services magazine. (they have since reverted to a template non-design)


Value Certified Equipment site re-do

Alternate layout for the Value Certified Equipment site.


Ascender Corp landing page

One of several landing pages for the type house that brought us Verdana, the font used extensively throughout the BirrenDesign website.


tile care inc 2-pages

Layout for Tile Care Inc. Shown are the home page and inside page layout.


Capital Building Services Group

Capital Building Services Group provides multi-state "big box store" and large building maintenance services.


Call on Birren Design for cost efficient design and production, real world web advice and, of course, sterling print design and fulfillment.

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This page last written up on April 23, 2013