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Brief Résumé

Thoroughly enjoying my life's work.

Full résumé HERE (.doc)

Independent marketing designer and project manager since 1975. Concept-to-completion print and web production.

16 National Awards
• Ten print projects plus five POPAI Indians for display work.
• National Aeronautic Association Safety Award. (link)

Never Missed a Deadline
I understand that occasionally time is tight - budgets, too - and adjust to those limits with efficient production know-how.

Authored "Objects in the Heavens"
Deep-sky field book for amateur astronomers with small viewing equipment; OITHv5.1 now available.

Work history:
Whitaker-Guernsey (Production Apprentice)
Campbell-Mithun (Junior Art Director)
Advanced Systems, Inc.
(Art Director, Video Productions)
Techniques of Professional Marketing
(Magazine Designer)
Birren Design Company (owner, 1975 to present)
Bernard & Co.
(Chief Creative Freelancer, 4 years)
Managed their 25 clients while handling 18 of my own)
Anderson Perlstein
(Creative Director, 1 year)
Managed staff of ten creatives.
Powers&Swock Graphics (General Manager, 4 years)
Managed sales and a staff of six.
Midwest Optical Systems
(Marketing Designer)
Increased sales by 60% in 2 years.
IT Stability Systems (Business Development Manager)


Art Institute of Chicago
American Academy of Art
Robert Morris Jr. College
ersity of Maryland
Wright Jr. College
Sumter Technical Education Center
Harper College
Continuing course work at the School of Hard Knocks
Graduated Notre Dame HS, Niles IL

Sergeant in the US Air Force; Honorably Discharged
703rd Tactical Air Support Sqdn, Shaw AFB SC
553rd Electronic Maintenance Sqdn, Korat, Thailand

This page further details several measurable project successes.

Articles and short stories have been published in sport and science books and publications.

I don't blog but participate in numerous online groups for hang gliding, astronomy, computing, military, history and family.

Birren Design Company

Shooting for the stars

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