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Logo Design Samples – Symbolic


Foundation for Free Flight Logo

Created logo and website for hang gliding / paragliding
site preservation group.


Circle with part missing

Displaced Workers Group


Hart Pool Service

Original Hart logo designed 1977; still in use.


Palmaple Partners

Palmaple Partners
See prosectus for Miami Floating Casino on Brochures page.




Hammer's circle

Hammer Engineered Products
Custom Metal Parts Manufacturer


Bright Star

Bright Star
an Australian computer repair company


CapitalBSG logo

Capital Building Services Group, Inc.
Building and contract cleaning


CHFN Crest

Congregation of the Holy Family of Nazareth
Recreated crest from the 1926 original for engraved stationery


Rice Dairy

Rice Dairy LLC.
Commodities broker specializing in (what else?) dairy products.


Gunsaullus "BuildinG"

Genesis Construction, Inc.
Commercial and residential new construction.
Assisted in naming the company.


Mailman Express logo

Mailman Express
Mailing House, Direct Mail Services


Livin' the Dream logo

Live The Dream - business coaches

It's a war out there.

Your company is battling for prominence in the buyer's mind. Birren Design Company can spearhead the design and supervise the use of your logo on virtually all of the "battle flags " and applications your company may need.

Please notice the wide range of styles shown throughout this e-book. I try very hard to give each logo - each project - its own identity and personality, to communicate your unique message.

Birren Design Company

My goal – to assure your brand's efficacy

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This page last written up on February 18, 2012