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Logo Design Samples – Alphabetic


Midwest Optical logo


Dimensional "M"

M-Square Communications
Marketing/Promotion Agency


Hammer's circle

Hammer Engineered Products
Custom Metal Parts Manufacturer

Dimensionalized C

Commonwealth Inc.
Manufacturers' Rep


Micro Motors logo

Small ride-on fun vehicle

Marttiini knives

Finnish knife maker. Logo designed in 1982 and it's still in use.


PanAmerica Environmental

Waste water separation units


Equipment International logo

Equipment International
Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment


Next Generation Logistics

Next Generation Logistics
Load tracking software


BriteOMatic logo

Car washing equipment
Created 1980 - still in use


Genesis Construction
Genesis Construction, Inc.
Also on the Symbolic page for the obvious buildings.


AIM logo

Applied Information Management


Chapman logo

The Chapman Group
Advertising premiums


Angle of Attack

Consumer product manufacturer


3-Layer A-Arrow

Advanced Fiberglass
Large Form Molds and Parts


Flyt Suit

Dacor Flyt Suit

Amcam/Camco logo



Juna Amagara Logo

Logo design is a very subjective endeavor. At once it is meant to convey the attitudes and goals of the company... and deliver an emotional feeling about a product or service... and convey the strengths of a promise... and introduce a personality for the consumer to understand.

Or something completely different.

Your logo is the banner under
which you do battle each day

As markets grow and product lines become more diverse, it is imperative that a logo be strong in its use and be functional in application, or the competition will take advantage of a visual opening and seize market share.

It's a war out there and your company is battling for prominence in the buyer's mind. Birren Design Company can spearhead the design and supervise the production of your logo and virtually all of the "banners" and applications your company may need.

Birren Design Company

My goal – to continue your brand efficiency

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