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Creative Generalist

What other title is there that doesn't sound too silly and yet says I have experience with just about every aspect of business design, marketing, promotions, illustration and much more.

• Established August 1975
• 16 national design awards
• plus the NAA Safety Award
• Never missed a deadline

View samples that follow. Check out the Linknife™ and my new book on astronomy now in its 5th Edition. I hope you are impressed and believe that I could help your business.

What I do:
The goal is to help you establish or continue a brand which helps your bottom line.

From design through fulfillment, Birren Design has the experience to shepherd a project through its life-stages most efficiently. We (teamwork with other professionals) work with you from the very start to develop the budget, create the strategy, then supervise photography, printing – all the elements – to make your project or program a tactical reality.

Recent Projects:
Web design and production – 2 political sites; 1 software site in '12
Packaging – 5 holiday products and 3 new product introductions
Printed material
Loyola HS Hockey Club 72 page program and more.

And, confidentially, there have been a number of projects that can't be discussed.

Birren Design Company

Shooting for the stars

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This page last written up on December 30, 2012