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Illustration Samples 2

If you just joined the portfolio tour already in progress, welcome. The artwork contained in this website was created for a wide variety of clients. Each page on this site represents a mere snapshot of the full body of work and business contributions from this one-person studio. What can I do for your business?

1 of 4 overnight marker artCoppertone countercards

Coppertone radio station promotion.
6 counter card illustrations. Met with Comark Merchandising at 2pm day one Delivered finished art at 9am on day two as needed. Two additional illustrations were delivered on day3. They worked up the type and coupon.


Daph's Delight Characters and Bag

Characters for Parco Foods cookie line for Safeway.

Saw Guy Cartoon

Cartoon "mascot" for Americore Concrete Coring.

Phoenix Engineering EAGLE

Bird Engineering grew from the original Fox Corp. and later changed to Phoenix Engineering. Main product line was go-karts and mini-bikes – "Fun Machines." During an 11-year period, I designed, named and decorated the product line plus created all marketing material and advertising. Sales during that time increased from $600K/yr to $6.5MM with effective marketing, ad placement and a great line of customizable products.


Linknife rendering sample

Promotional illustration done in Carrara for the Linknife Tow Release used by NASA on a couple of projects and by hang glider pilots world wide. The Linknife was awarded the National Aeronautics Association Certificate of Honor Safety Award.


aluminum extrusion

Illustration of an airfoild extrusion used in ads and the web. Client: Angle of Attack.


Photo retouching - removed the hot dogs and burgers, then made the burgers in the shape of the client's logo. Client: Pirtek.


Birren Design Company

Draw on my talents for your business graphics

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