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Illustration Samples

Illustrations make the complex simpler
and the unseen seen.


Robot Illustration
North Town Home Services
"Robot Butler" – character to represent North Town's capabilities to care for all home and business "robots" (HVAC, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.).

Jack Post chair
Jack Post
Design sketches for Jack Post's new chair. This is one of 52 final line drawings used in the owner's manual.


Animation for infomercial – created in 2 days

Illustration for National Electric Gate (1 of 3). The Gate-Saver allows a crossing gate to swing out of the way should a car or truck try to beat a train and hit the gate. It prevents the equipment from being demolished (though the driver might be).


Auto Armour illustration

Auto Armour
Multi-layer inflatable protective car cover


Pacific rim globe
CEC Industries Ltd.
Globe showing the offices of this multi-national company. Used on their trade show booth and covers of some literature.


Golf book art

"Breakthrough in Golf"
The Hip-to-Hip Method, by Curtis Elliott.
20 interior illustrations and cover art.


Frame King line drawings
Frame King
Set-up instructions for the chain-mounted bumper Tow Bar. All artwork was hand drawn.


Make difficult or complex subjects clearly understood and economical to print with line art.

CEC bulb art

CEC Industries Ltd.
A bare bulb was provided from which I illustrated to show the different colors available in this new line.

Birren Design Company

Shooting for the stars

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This page last written up on February 18, 2012