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Bragging Rights

or, if I don't beat my own drum, who will?

NAA Logo
Certificate of Honor

    • National Aeronautic Association Safety Award for the Linknife Towing Release - used by NASA on the X-38 and Project Stardust.

    • 5 POPAI's (3 Gold and 2 Silver) for a variety of display manufacturers for both corrugated and permanent in-store displays.

    • 10 National Graphic and Advertising Design Awards. Several logo and ad projects have been included in national design publications.

Download résumé.

Business Achievements

  • Never missed a deadline
    The improbable we do now; the impossible takes a little longer.
    I try to get the job done right the first time no matter what it takes.

  • Increased sales
    Midwest Optical Systems
    Created trade name, logo, tag line, website, collateral, mass email and more for manufacturer of machine vision filters. In year #1 of the 2-year program, sales increased by 40%; in year #2 by 60%.

  • Increased awareness
    Bird Engineering, Omaha NE
    Created advertising and collateral program which increased sales by a factor of ten over a two year period. Developed marketing elements including: trade show displays, consumer and dealer literature, advertising, photography and managed all printing and other outside resources. Designed and directed fulfillment of the consumer product branding, product naming, literature and advertising for "Fun Machines" line of go-karts.

  • Successful fund raiser
    Congregation of the Holy Family of Nazareth, Des Plaines IL
    Designed and produced s mailings for the Des Plaines convent and coordinated multi-part mailing for five convents in the USA. Both projects exceeded their target goals.

  • Introduced Software
    INTO2000, Wheaton IL
    Created advertising and print campaign which, combined with the sales efforts of the company, brought a new program to market. In two years it went from nothing to the best used program of its kind in the world, surpassing IBM's own similar program. Other supporting efforts included up to seven highly customized rental trade show booths per year that allowed participation by a variety of vendors.

  • Increased profits
    Pyle-National, Chicago IL
    Increased profits by $650,000 over the annual projection through effective writing and production on one catalog for electrical parts manufacturer. Produced six other catalogs for the same client, one of which condensed 164 pages of a European product catalog into 18 pages, resulting in a tremendous cost savings.

  • Saved money
    Amcam/Camco, Wheeling IL
    Slashed printing costs for industrial cam company by $25,000 for a 192 page catalog, including the addition of 36 new pages and alterations on 126 existing pages. Knowledge of print and pre-press efficiencies made the project go smoothly and looking terrific.

  • Generated inquiries
    Kenlin Enterprises, Highland Park IL
    Generated the greatest ever number of qualified inquiries for a single full page ad, not just for the client but for the publication as well. The ad resulted in the client signing a dozen new accounts.

Other Chest-Thumpers:

  • Helped raise two great men; gramps to Vionna Trinity!

  • Authored Objects in the Heavens, the Complete Mag-10 Deep-Sky Viewing List and Fieldbook for northern hemisphere viewing, now in its 5th Edition.

  • Presented with a Commendation Award by the US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association for work done on behalf of the local and national pilot communities.

  • Flew a hang glider 95 miles cross country. The flight lasted almost 5 hours with altitudes to 7500 feet above the ground. A friend and I flew as a team and landed at the same place, right next our team driver, to make it the longest team flight east of the Mississippi River (bested two years later by a team flight of 135 miles out of Florida).

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This page last written up on December 30, 2012