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Trade Show Displays

So many ways of wooing the buyer.
So many ways of testing new ideas.
So many ways of keeping your sales force excited.
So many ways of making your product look great.

Call or write to discuss your particular needs. Be it a rental booth or totally custom, we look forward to helping achieve your goals in a reasonable time frame (or sooner) at a reasonable price.

Rendering of 30' x 40' booth, showing off YG's line of drills.

CEC 2006 Booth

Tile Care Inc.
Three 8-foot banners were created from a single image for a cost-effective way of displaying at local home shows.


CEC 2006 Booth

CEC Industries
20-foot booth coincides with their capabilities brochure.


Value Certified Equipment tabletop

Value Certified Equipment
2-panel tabletop. To meet deadlines for this new company, the logo, booth, photo retouchings and 6-page brochure were all produced inside of 48 hours, with mere minutes to spare.


Symbicort Dance Floor

Symbicort Dance Floor
Portable dance floor with projector and screen to educate a younger demographic on their asthma drug.

I T Stability tabletop display

IT Stability Group
Custom backlit header, header supports, and bracing for 2 LCD monitors were designed and fabricated to expand the impact of an 8-foot Abex tabletop.


Similar needs but with different approaches:

Lansa 20-foot booth concept

Lansa Inc.
20 foot in-aisle booth.

IN2K booth

INTO 2000
20-foot island. 10-foot backwalls provided each of 3 service providers their own area. Center space for scheduled demonstrations to 10 people.

Birren Design Company

Different needs and budgets drive different solutions. Can I help you?

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This page last modified on April 2, 2010