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Permanent Displays

Wire - racks, inserts, spinners, hooks, etc...
Plastic - vacuum formed, injection molded, extruded, cut and formed...
Electronics - simple to complex computer-enhanced...
Hardboard/Plywood - custom manufactured...
Call on Birren Design to create a long-lasting effective display.


Littelfuse Shipping Bag Dispenser

Littelfuse shipping room bag dispenser


CTI balloon kiosk

CTI Industries
This in-store helium balloon merchandiser was produced in 7 different forms, and each of those had options. It had to work in large and small shops, have a self-contained inventory and a helium tank. Associated projects included various setup instructions as it was shipped knocked down and could be ordered in different formats.


Osco dump bin

Osco Drug Store
4-position sample dump bin with a small footprint. The client asked that we not exceed a specific budget, so custom molds were out of the question; the only custom parts are the plexiglas inserts. Multiple units were placed in-store for a variety of products. Later, Kodak asked us to redo the display with 2 partitions. Birren Design provided the concept and the engineering.



Hillshire Farms
We were asked to provide a variety of concepts to hold a specified quantity of pre-packaged meats. This layout shows wooden half-barrels and a wire grid center wall for hanging product. The project was a huge success for the client.


red cross screens

Red Cross Blood Donor Privacy Screens
One of the most unique of all projects in my portfolio. There were 5 requirements to be met: the screens were to be 6 feet tall, washable, weigh less than 45 pounds, cost less than $150 per screen, and be able to be set up by anyone.


Paint Oblisk

Dutch Boy Paints wanted a show-off display for their high-priced line of paints. This kiosk was placed in-aisle and showed the different paints and finishes for which the client is well known.

Designing a permanent display brings into play a great many different considerations. For the designer, it begins with a defined purpose, goal and budget. The product and distribution quantity helps determine some of the elements, as does the particular audience. Should there be electronics, motion, interactivity? (Oh, so many questions!)

Birren Design Company

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This page last written up on November 29, 2008