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Corrugated Display Samples

Kodak sells film, but they don't advertise film.
They advertise memories.
-- Theodore Parker


Brass Bases POP Display

Corrugated In-Aisle Display with dimensional lug-on's


jesus wristband displayWristband countertop display
Project included writing and designing a 4-page insert plus the display.


Flintstones Video Display

Turner Network
The client asked to see a variety of display concepts showing motion and alternate 24 or 48-count packouts. Six ideas were delivered in 2 days. The layout shown above was prototyped in both English and Japanese.


Kraft cheese and salsa displayKraft Foods
Kraft wanted concepts for a high priced, medium-priced and low-priced display. Marker renderings were delivered in 2 days and the project was sold. This layout shows how combining die-cut corrugated and hard board create a dimensional display to showcase product. This was a co-op marketing program with a chips maker for a summer promotion.

Create consumer interest and control cost with corrugated displays. Drop shipping, warehousing, display fulfillment are some of the elements we can provide to make your product roll-out a cost-effective success. Let Birren Design help bring your concept (or mine) to life.


Garden display

This display was required to hold about 250 pounds of product. To keep the costs in check, we used stacked identical sections that tab together. Birren Design was involved from concept to finished art.


weekend build

Ortho Race Car
Tie-in with the Super Truck Racing Series. Ortho sponsored Tobey Butler and the display presented a toy special with Round-Up weed killer. Birren helped with every step of production, including the litho-lam header artwork.


Drop front dispenser

Saila Anisette Confection
Small countertop take-one sampler.

There's so much more to show; these will have to do.

Whether the budget allows for a full-size, free standing in-store display or a small one on the countertop near a cash register, they have one mission: to get product in the consumers' hands. With various materials and combining display parts, it really is possible to create a store within a store. Even small budget projects can get maximum sales impact with the right creative.

Nine different P-O-P manufacturers utilized the talents of Birren Design Company – once all at the same time.

Birren Design Company

Shooting for the stars

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This page last written up on November 29, 2008