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Print Design Samples

Advertising says to people, 'Here's what we've got.
Here's what it will do for you. Here's how to get it.'
-- Leo Burnett

CEC Brochure
Midwest Optical Systems
28-page Resource Book about optical filters for machine vision.


CEC Brochure
CEC Industries
Corporate Profile 12-page brochure and production, created in tandem with a 20-foot trade show booth.


Hines Case Studies Booklet
Hines & Associates - 16-page Case Studies brochure.


USCellular counter cards
US Cellular
Samples of several campus and in-store promotion elements produced for the wireless giant.


CR/SKF Brochure
CR Aerospace
4-page brochure to showcase the company's elastomeric seals and capability.


Casino brochure
Palmaple Partners, Miami Casino Project
"Expanded Prospectus" for a new floating casino.


Sister's Fund RaiserRome Poland Rebuild Fund
The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
needed to raise a ton of money to refurbish and rebuild several convents and homes in Europe. We produced a 6-page brochure with outer envelope and an inner donation response envelope for one program and a 4-page insert for another. The Sisters are pleased to report they made the target goals.


Savage Brothers brochures
Savage Bros. Co.
Branding for confectionery machinery manufacturer.


And still... never missed a deadline!


RTC Coke products brochure
RTC Industries, Inc.
Included among the many sales support projects for RTC was a direct mailer that produced an 8% return, the complete redesign of a new product, case study sheets and the initial design of their FTP catalog site.


Littelfuse catalog
Full product line catalog complete with technical information.


vest pocket brochuresASTRON brochure

Vest Pocket" brochures
Can be a self-mailer or fit in a #10 envelope.

Print literature is still the backbone of all marketing, even as the web gains popularity. It's important to understand your audience, then get the information into the hands of the prospective buyers. It's something they can hold onto, page through and mull over at their leisure before making a decision.

There are many factors to be considered: The audience? What are the goals? What information is to be displayed? When is it needed? Where is it to be used? How long is it expected to last? And lastly, the question that is sometimes hardest to answer:

Why should a potential buyer
respond to your message?

Birren Design can help make all your communications more effective.

Birren Design Company

Brochures are the handle of the branding iron

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This page last written up on April 10, 2010