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Shown in the photo from the top down:
- NGC1977, a bright emission nebula
- M43, small reflection nebula next to M42
M42, the Orion Nebula. This marvelous deep-sky object is visible in the winter sky, just below the "belt" of The Hunter. It appears to the unaided eye as a "soft star." Some of the nebulosity (gaseous cloudiness) can be detected through binoculars. A 6-inch reflector shows the tiny Trapezium, 4 newly formed stars, in the bright middle.
- NGC 1980, the "Running Man" nebula/cluster surrounds Iot Orionis.

Photo by Naoyuki Kurita

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Last week I received a copy of Objects in the Heavens. It’s the most exciting and useful field guide/atlas I have ever used. Hard to believe so much information could be packed into a little book. I have The Pocket Sky Atlas and now teamed up with “OITH” is magical. I feel like I have an astronomer friend standing at my side guiding me to the beauty of the heavens.
Thank you for your hard work and bring this WONDERFUL book to the public!

Jim Abenante