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Advertising Samples

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.
-- Steuart Henderson Britt


Value Certified Equipment ad

Value Certified Equipment
Full-page ad as appearing on the back cover of Services magazine, a trade publication to the janitorial market.


Savage Flyer and AdSavage Bros. Co.
Printed brochure and 2-color island-half page ad were written and produced in 3 days to meet the publication deadline for a European trade show. Savage Bros. realized immediate sales while the show was in progress.

Case Study - INTO2000, Software Developer
Birren Design Co. created the advertising and print program that brought a specialized program for the AS400 to market. The software package went from nothing to the best used program of its kind in the world. Seven rental trade show booths per year, in a variety of sizes to fit the show, provided a cooperative medium for a changing number of vendors.
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Mosinee Paper Airplanes
Mosinee Converted Products
A simple letter and reply card was requested to promote a new line of waterproof roll and ream wrap. Knowing the audience, I suggested making paper airplane inserts to get the actual paper in the hands of the buyers and specifiers. A series of 4 inserts were produced... and they all fly.

David Ogilvy was my hero for his clarity of the message to a well-defined audience.


Lots of Guts but No Balls - Kenlin ad
Kenlin Enterprises
Kenlin produces hardware for hotel/motel case goods manufacturers. This ad ran only once but as a result garnered the greatest number of inquiries for a single page ad in the publication and earned the client 12 new accounts. Of course, there were several concepts presented, but this one hit the client right in the... um... er... sense of humor. And Birren Design can do the same for you.


Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted...
the trouble is I don't know which half.
-- John Wanamaker


CEC 1/2pg ad
CEC Industries Ltd.
Island 1/2 page ad for industry and trade show publications. Also assisted their in-house capabilities with a corporate image brochure and several trade show booths – samples are scattered about this website.


Triangle Packaging Machinery
Full page B2B ad design and production.
Agency: Mosaic Marketing


I've been the guy behind the scenes at many large ad agencies producing concepts for a wide variety of business and consumer clients.

Birren Design Company

Shooting for the stars

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This page last written up on November 27, 2008